Perfume Buying Guide for Beginners

Beginners Guide to Perfume Buying – Nobody likes the idea of smelling bad. Even the idea of smelling oddly different is not appealing. Of course, some of us have a stronger and more repugnant natural body odor than others. Not surprisingly, how someone smells varies from person to person. Our natural body odor changes from day to day slightly as well. Even our mood and attitude can change how we naturally smell. What we eat such as garlic and onion can change the odor our body puts out for a time.

In Ancient Egypt, both men and women would take extended bathes with special ingredients added to coat our skin in a new aroma. Changing how we smell has been in our history as long as noticing we all smell different. Perfume is one way in which we can change how we smell to ourselves and to others.

Buying a perfume is not an easy task. Most people do not know how to properly find a perfume. Just because a perfume smells good to you does not mean it will smell good on you. Here are a few tips to consider when buying that new perfume.

1. Always try a perfume before you buy the perfume. Something that smells marvelous in a bottle may not sell marvelous on your body. Perfume is a chemical reaction between two or more different added ingredients. When you add your body’s natural chemistry to the equation, the perfume will smell different on you than in the bottle. Testing a perfume before you buy it will save you time and money.

2. After you try on the perfume, wait ten minutes to get the full effect of the natural aroma of the perfume. Ten minutes is how long it takes to fully mingle with you and your natural aroma.

3. If you are going to try that perfume, a small dabble on a piece of your open skin is ideal. Spraying the perfume in the air is not going to let you know the true smell of that perfume when mixed with your natural aroma. Therefore, it is wise to add a small amount to your own skin. Do not do a full over body spray, just a little.

4. Never try on more than three perfumes in a single day. The nose is wonderful and miraculous, but adding too much to quickly will confuse that smeller. Waiting for at least ten minutes before each testing and only doing three tests a day means that you will be spending at least 30-minutes at the perfume counter. In addition, perfume buying you are testing may get mixed together on your body. So it is always wisest to wait.

5. When purchasing your perfume, try to consider if that smell will be used for day, night, or both. Some people like a different type of smell for the time of day.

6. Finally, ask how long the aroma stay with the body. Most high-quality perfumes will last between 4-6 hours when applied directly to the body.

Whatever you decide when purchasing new perfume, remember to get one that is best suited for you. Try it on and wait. Perfume depends on your body chemistry to mingle happily with the new smells. Perfume Buying companies work hard to create perfumes that will fit most of our body chemistries and not get tainted.