6 Most Popular Shoe Brands Across The World

What can be more satisfying than wearing good shoes that are comfortable as well as fashionable? A person looks for lightweight, highly comfortable, reliable quality and of course good looks in a shoe. With hundreds of brands across the globe that offers wide range of shoes, we bring you the top 6 most popular shoe brands across the world that are highly preferable and trustworthy.


Needless to say that Nike shoes is not only one of the most popular but also a leading shoe manufacturing company across the globe. This American company is also known for its iconic swoosh logo and “Just do it” slogan. Its natural and flexible movement, lightweight and classic design shoes has made the company one of the top choices among shoes enthusiasts. Some of the popular shoes offered by Nike are Zoom-Celar 5, Air Zoom Vomero 11, High Jump Elite, and Dual Fusion X 2 among others.


Reebok is said to be established around 1895 and since then the company has never looked back. This British origin company is named after African antelope. The company motto is to provide high quality and reliable shoes to its customer and with its wide range of shoes equipped with comfortable cushioning, traction and stability technology, the company has done just that. Crossfit Z goddess, Pheepan, Z print and Z pump are some of the popular shoes by Reebok you should look after.


Adidas is a German based company that stepped in the market in 1948 and has a rich history of providing exceptional shoes. Known for its high performing and superior quality shoes, Adidas shoes can be easily noticed through its three parallel bars logo. The company has roped in Lionel Messi, Dwight Howard, and Lucas Moura among other to endorse the brand. If you are looking for comfort and style in a shoe, Adidas must be your top choice.


Converse all star shoes has lately gained a lot of popularity around the globe. The company offers wide range of stylish and trendy shoes that feels comfortable and flexible on wearing. You will find Converse shoes to be quite fashionable and affordable at the same time. Chuck Taylor all star, CONS one star shield and Thunderbolt are some of the popular shoes manufactured by Converse.


Puma doesn’t need any introduction, the name says it all. The shoes manufactured by Puma are lightweight, breathable, and also fashionable. If you are looking for shoes that last long then Puma is a brand to be preferred. Established in 1948, some of the popular shoes by Puma include Ignite dual, FAAS 500 V4, speed 300, Ignite mesh and many more.


As soon as the name Fila pops up, we instantly look it as high quality and a long lasting shoe manufacturing brand. This Italian company was established in 1911 but was taken over by Fila Korea in 2001 from where all the current operations take place. Mindbender, M Squad, cage, andwaters edge are some of the best offerings by Fila. You can also check these top selling woodland shoes offered by Gofynd.

The Last Words

If you wish to buy a good pair of shoes anytime sooner, these are the top 6 brands across the world that offers the best quality shoes. All the brands have two things in common, high quality and comfortability. Whatever your requirements are, these brands are there to fulfill it. They also provide a multiple range of shoes so people with all kinds of choices can choose their preferred shoe. Also, they are long standing brands and would never compromise on quality which is the best thing.